The Ultimate Guide To How To Get Curly Hair Overnight

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Curly and wavy hair is still trendy. With the development of hair curl products these days, taking care of curly hair should not be problem anymore. With variety of curl mousse and anti-frizz serum gel and spray, healthy and shiny looking curl is not a dream anymore.

One way to get a nice natural curl is to get your hair curly overnight. The smell of hair curler products can be very annoying and the heat from curling iron may cause hair damage. If you have wavy or rough thick hair texture getting curly hair overnight should be easier than straight and soft hair. This article will explain easy way to get curly hair overnight, please note that the result may vary depends on the hair textures.

How to get curly hair overnight with headbands

This is an old trick of how to get curly hair overnight. Wash your hair before and apply conditioner. Soft dry your hair means you hair is in damp condition. Put a think headband around your head. Slip in and slip out your hair started from the side part of your hair circulating until the other side. Spray your hair with strong hairs spray then cover them with silk scarf to protect the twisted hair. You can sleep overnight. Next day, remove carefully your hair and spray again with hairspray for long lasting curl.

How to get curly hair overnight with braided or plaited hair

Braid or plait your hair overnight will result in small curls compare to how to get curly hair overnight with headbands. The trick is, if you want small curls, then you need to divide your hair into many small sections. If you want big curl or simple big wavy hair, you only need to divide your hair into 4 sections. Braid your hair and twisted the braid then secure with curl bobby pin. After that, to maintain the braid, sleep overnight with silk scarf. Next day slowly remove the braid or plait, spray your hair with hairspray to keep a long lasting curl.

Since the result are varied depends on your hair texture, you can try these tips as preparation for your hair before curling it overnight.

After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply curling mousse, you can try curl and sculpt mousse by Dove or Curl Boosting Mousse from Herbal Essence.
Next step how to get curly hair overnight last longer is to use anti –fizz serum. Leave the curl mouse dry before adding hair mist or anti frizz gel or oil. Anti-frizz serum can cost very expensive like more than $20. If you have a long thick hair then you need to try cheaper but larger in quantity anti-frizz serum. Try MissJessica rapid recovery treatments that will leave your hair smooth and tangle free hair which will make braiding easier.
Last important tip how to get curly hair overnight last longer is to create tight braid. This is very important if you want to create curl instead of wave.

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