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The first step towards a career in fashion design in choosing the right fashion design college. Aspiring fashion designers are assessed on the basis of the college they earned their fashion degree from. Therefore, the choice is very important. There are a large number of well known fashion design colleges all over the world. The most popular ones are found in Paris and Milan as these are the fashion capitals of the world. Some of the top fashion design colleges include; ESMOD International (France), Milan Fashion Campus, London College of Fashion, Royal Academy of Fine Art (Belgium), National Institute of Fashion Technology (India).However, one need not attend these world famous colleges as there are some very decent ordinary colleges.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a design college. One of the most important considerations is the school’s reputation. The fashion industry places a high premium on the quality of the college. A good college should have its presence felt in the world of fashion by for example, churning out well known designers. Cost is also another major consideration. There is no need to pick a college you cannot afford. The cost of tuition should be weighed against future possible earnings. Other things consider are location of the college, student-teacher ratio, job placement and desired area of specialization. The proximity to the fashion industry may also be something to consider.

After choosing a design college, the next decision to make will be what type of degree to pursue. The colleges will offer an associate degree which is completed in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years. However, it is preferable to take on a bachelor’s degree. The industry is very competitive and a bachelor’s degree is held in higher regard than an associate degree. It also gives you a higher earning potential than an associate degree. The associate degree on the other hand allows you the opportunity to test out your skills and commitment to a particular career choice without investing a lot of resources.

The colleges have a curriculum that teaches the technical aspects of designing. These aspects include cutting, sewing, measuring, stitching, textiles, colour, pattern making and drawing. However fashion design is also business. Courses in accounting, advertising, marketing, public relations, consumer trends and technology are also included in the curriculum. In this day and age of technology students are also taught to use computer programmes like Computer Aided Design (CAD). The fashion design industry is changing all the time, trends come and go. A good fashion design college should be able to have a programme that is in touch with the changing trends in the fashion industry, and also be able to anticipate future trends. However, historical fashion trends are also important because we are nothing without history and it helps us learn from our mistakes and to make better what we have done before.

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