How To Make No-heat Curls With A Headband

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No-Heat Curls With A Headband is a very useful tool. Touch naturally wavy hair gives the impression of sexy and flirty. You do not need to go to a salon to get neat and unstructured waves. You can get beautiful curls by arranging them yourself at home. You only need no-heat headband and your fingers to create a natural wavy hair effect. Follow the tips below:

After shampooing, blow-dry hair with a hair dryer. After the serum to loosen and wear styling easier.

Make your hair wavy with a curly iron, after it interrupted with your fingers. While your makeup, hair rolled up to make bun.

Before you head out of the house, open your bun and set back your hair with your fingers. Voila! Impressive messy hair with waves will make you confident all day.

For those who have curly hair, do not have to bother to straighten your hair every time. No-Heat Curls With A Headband may appear attractive as well anyway. Here are 5 tips that you still look attractive with curly hair:

Avoid using shampoos that contain 100 percent sulfate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate contains salt and detergent that works effectively to clean hair, but also can cause damage. Without adequate conditioner, the content of which can damage the hair cuticle resulting in dry and coarse hair.

Your hairstyle should be in a state of semi-wet, so that when dry, your hair doesn’t look stiff. Afterwards, use your fingers to apply the product from the roots to the ends of the hair, and then squeeze hair from the scalp to the ends.

Hair products which have high alcohol content such as hairspray, gels and mousses indeed provide a charming curly texture. Unfortunately, these products can absorb moisture hair.

Since curls still a trend and the choice of hairstyle, No-Heat Curls With A Headband is a great way to get you a natural curly hair. Curly hair is no longer pegged to the ongoing trends, but rather on a desire to be different to stay beautiful. Therefore, wavy hair, curly or straight can be an option, as long as you adjust to the shape of the face and the suitability of your style.

Oblong Face Shape. Form of face length can be disguised with curly hair along his chin and corrugated medium. Add bangs to reduce the impression of length to the face. To style wavy hair, give a wave at the lower end of hair along the shoulders. Waves in the shoulder will give the impression of width to the face and also make the face look small and proportionate. Use No-Heat Curls With A Headband for this style.
Square Face Shape. Style curly or wavy which gives the impression of ’round’ is very fitting for a square face. Give the layer a little high in the back and front side, and then give a big wave to hair forming a wavy texture on the cheeks and jaw. Bangs to the side, combined with the layer will also soften the facial features square.
Diamond Face Shape. Haircut along the cheek in front, and along the neck in the back. Give a little wave at the end of the hair that falls right in the cheek. Add bangs to the side to disguise a long face shape. Use No-Heat Curls With A Headband for this hairstyle.

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